Our day rates for local bands are as little as £250 per 8 hour day including the use of any of our backline, all rates include staffing by a very experienced engineer. There are discounts on multiple day rates/album deals; i.e. multiple days spread over a more extended period, typically 10 days. You can call us on 0117 329 2024 or email to initiate a booking.

All bookings require a 25% deposit to confirm - with enough notice we will always be flexible if you need to cancel or reschedule your sessions. 


Our standard rehearsal rate is £10 per hour, a typical evening session being 7-11pm for £40. Discounts are available for students and single musicians during weekdays on slots between 10am and 6pm and at weekends. 


I'll always discuss the options available for any repair or modification to give the musician the fix they need for the price they can afford. But here are some guide prices, that based on the going rates around the country: 

Guitar set-ups: 

Guitar set-up for a typical electric: £30 including a standard set of strings (special guages at RRP). This will include a fingerboard clean (and oil for a rosewood board) and a fret polish. For a 12-string or a Floyd Rose it's going to cost more, likewise for a classical guitar or other instrument that is time consuming to re-string. If your instrument has issues in the neck, top nut or frets then it may require more work and incur more cost, but not without your consultation. A rough guide is to look at it as an hourly rate of £20, though I rarely charge that much when a job runs into several hours. Most jobs will be priced individually pro rata, but here's a few guidelines: 

Gibson style headstock break: 

I've had to do a couple of these over the years, it can be a tricky job, largely due to the position of the break with regard to the truss rod - you don't want any glue in there! You're looking at £100 for a basic repair, more depending on how you want the finish repaired. 

Acoustic pick-up installation: 

A sound hole pup installed with a socket on the side or an endpin jack is going to be about £45; an undersaddle pup where the bridge slot will be drilled and the endpin reamed out will cost a little more; the time consuming bit is making the saddle bottom and the bottom of the bridge slot completely parallel for correct piezo-electric compression. 

New jack socket: 

A simple electrical repair like a replacement jack socket or volume pot is going to cost about £10, depending on the guitar and the quality of the new component. But then I'll quite often re-solder a broken jack connection for one of our rehearsal bands for free, just to get them through the session. A custom harness with NOS paper-in-oil caps and top of the line pots/switches will be priced on an individual consultation. A new vintage style Centerlab switch for a Strat for instance would be £20, parts and labour. 


We have a pretty good stock of guitar strings and some accessories, batteries, tape, a few packets of drum sticks and some heads. And of course some great vintage gear including guitars, amps and pedals should you need back-ups for recording or live shows. 


We now have secure equipment storage cages, most have been taken up by our regular evening bands but there are three available at £28, £32 & £32 per week. You can get the average band's gear into these cages.